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Fildena Is A Virility Booster For An Impotent Male

Fildena Is A Virility Booster For An Impotent Male

We all are sexual beings and this truth can no one deny. A single hindrance in your sexual life is like a negative impact on your other well-beings too. Therefore, it is mandatory that if you are suffering from the condition of penile failure leading to incomplete and distressing love making, then you should take the help of Fildena medication in order to relieve this situation.

Hence, you can have an intimate relationship to the fullest with an improved and boosted virility.

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Fildena is a widely accepted oral medication for treating the sexual dysfunction condition of erectile failures in adult men. Fildena is a renowned brand name, which comprises of Generic Sildenafil citrate. Fildena is a potent medication for treating the penile failures where a man is unable to accomplish and sustain the sturdy erection during physical intimacy.

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About dosing regimen of Fildena, 50 and 100mg are the two most accessible dosage strengths. While considering dosing, a man should have to take a single pill of recommended strength or can take the lowest strength first. Take the pill orally with water at about an hour before you get physically with your partner. This helps to activate the medication within half an hour to stay long in your body for next 4-5hours.

After consuming the Fildena medication, you must be sexually provoked so that chemicals are released in your body, which helps to improve blood flow. Thus, the working action of Fildena involves the inhibition of PDE-5 enzyme to prevent the degradation of cGMP, which further will helps in the relaxation of blood vessels around male genitals. This gives the sufficient blood flow to the erectile organ for attaining and holding the stiff erection for the completion of pleasurable intimacy.

When you take Fildena medication, some adverse effects are generally observed in the users but not necessarily in every male, for instance, nausea, headache, dizziness, hazy vision, nasal congestion, indigestion, back pain, facial flushing, muscle pain, or priapism (painful or prolonged erection). Therefore, it is also suggested not to take more than 1pill of Fildena in a day. You can have the medication with or without the food but do not forget to keep the fatty level to low else, the drug absorption will reduce. Therefore, the preventive measures that should be followed while using Fildena are as under-

  • Avoid consuming grapefruit products with Fildena.
  • Do not take nitrate medications with Fildena medicament.
  • Taking Fildena in medical conditions of heart, liver, kidney, blood pressure, genitals or bleeding disorder can worsen your condition.
  • Men of less than 18years and more than 65years of age should not take Fildena drug.